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Identifying objectives


It is a major task to find appropriate suppliers in foreign markets that meet:
  • quality standards
  • continuous supply demands
  • on-time delivery
  • competitive price levels
  • export experience and references
  • international 'best practice'

On top of this there are cultural and language barriers to overcome!

The region of Central and Eastern Europe has a lot to offer companies of Western Europe, with:
  • comparable quality
  • recognized standards
  • skilled/semi-skilled labour
  • considerably lower wage costs
  • close proximity to markets

In comparing CEE to Asia and the Far East it is important to identify Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of goods and services.

Sourcing in the CEE region is an extensive process. In most product categories we start by screening anything between 200 and 600 companies, in local languages!

At One Agenda we have developed a process that is tailored to each Client's specific requirements, for the best results.

Sourcing and Outsourcing


Our process is developed per product or service category and consists of 2 major phases:

A. Setting up the Supply Chain
This phase starts with sourcing suppliers and quotations, to negotiations and placement of 1st order(s).

In Central and Eastern Europe it requires time, patience and considerable work upfront to find the right suppliers for long-term co-operation.

B. Supply Chain Management This phase incorporates managing all elements of the supply chain and process, setting up KPI reporting and supplier replacement strategy, on an on-going basis.

Note: we are contracted to and work on behalf of the buyer, therefore there is complete transparency in all dealings.

We have successfully completed projects in the following sectors:
  • glassware, ceramics and household goods
  • furniture and bathroom equipment
  • building materials
  • garden products and constructions
  • paper and packaging
  • forging, casting, machining, metalworking
  • engineering
  • automotive
  • plastics
  • personal protection products (safetywear)
  • medical equipment and consumables

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