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Identifying objectives


Most companies test the potential of foreign markets prior to full fledged market entry.

This means they initially look for trade and business partners for their product or service: Agents, Distributors, Service Providers or Business Partners.

In this process companies try to keep their costs and therefore risk to a minimum. This often impacts on the quality of information they generate and can lead to expensive errors.

The CEE region has become highly competitive, in many sectors even more so than Western Europe, with numerous foreign entrants and better quality local suppliers in every sector companies now need to carefully plan market entry.

When considering any country research is required first to segment the market to understand its structure, analyse the competition, establish product or service acceptability and to find the optimum route to entering the market.

Research results may show that the product or service cannot compete with local prices. The best alternative may then be to produce locally in the region.

At One Agenda we have a tried and tested process for helping companies enter foreign markets.

This is equally applied when identifying target companies for M&A.

New Market Entry


Our services are tailored to specific requirements according to Client requirements.

Market Entry process
  • Market Research (feasibility)
  • Preparation of Client offer
  • Presentation to potential Trade Partners
  • Meetings and negotiations
  • Contracting
  • On-going support and management

We have successfully completed projects in the following sectors:
  • agriculture, food and beverages
  • furniture and interior fittings
  • textiles, clothing, leather & footwear
  • fashion retailing
  • paper & packaging
  • chemicals, pharmaceutical & cosmetics
  • finance and business services
  • luxury goods, gifts & jewellery
  • IT and electronics
  • industrial machinery & equipment
  • automotive

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