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Focusing on Results


Majority of Trade Missions to foreign markets are focused purely on achieving meetings between participants and local business partners.

But limited research is done in advance to establish whether the products or services of participating companies have potential in the local market. And therefore whether there will be parties interested to meet!

The results are always mixed with some companies delighted, others disappointed. With time and money wasted by participants and organisers alike.

At One Agenda we have a developed a process aimed at reducing the chance of companies not achieving the required level of interest and therefore the disappointment and wastage.

Once again it is research-led, treating each company individually and confirming in advance whether a company has a chance in the market with its products or services.

If the response is positive it is worth going on the Trade Mission, as results are practically guaranteed.

Group Trade Missions and Events


Recent projects include:
  • 2003 - 2005 four successive Trade Missions of Turkish textile and clothing producers to Poland and Russia
  • 2004 & 2005 Trade Meetings for participants of the BPCC (British-Polish Chamber of Commerce) Conference in Poland
  • 2005 Trade Meetings for exhibitors of IFE (International Food Exhibition) in Poland
  • 2005 Trade Meetings for Polish producers from building sector in the UK
  • 2005 Korean Trade Mission from electronics and household appliances sector to Poland and Ukraine
  • 2006 Greek Trade Mission of food producers to Poland
  • 2006 Brazilian Trade Mission of producers of stainless steel housewares to Poland and Bulgaria
  • 2006 Trade Meetings for Polish gardening and outdoor leisure producers at GLEE exhibition in the UK
  • 2006 Trade Meetings for Polish food and beverage producers at World Food Ukraine fair in Kiev

Please contact us to discuss details of any programme - trade@one-agenda.co.uk

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